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Wishbone Ash – Vinyl LP – Live Dates II (Yellow and Blue Double Vinyl)  


Side A:
1. Doctor
2. Living Proof
3. Runaway
4. Helpless

Side B:
1. F.U.B.B.
2. The Way of the World

Side C:
1. Lorelei
2. Persephone
3. You Rescue Me

Side D:
1. Time Was
2. Goodbye Baby Hello Friend
3. No Easy Road

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A Top 40 UK album then, a hard-to-find collectible now, this 1980 LP rounds up stellar live Wishbone Ash performances from 1976–80. Some editions have only included six tracks; these 2 LPs—one translucent yellow, one translucent blue—not only boast the original record labels, but also all 12 tracks from the original pressing. This is a one-time pressing, so jump on this: “Doctor,” “Runaway,” “Helpless,” “Lorelei,” “Living Proof,” “Time Was,” “Persephone,” “No Easy Road,” “F.U.B.B.” and more twin-guitar-powered Wishbone Ash rockin’.

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