An enthusiastic group of music industry veterans has come together to create Culture Factory USA. Collectively we possess decades of experience in the business coupled with a genuine passion for the music that shaped our early lives during the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Our team includes experts in multiple styles of classic rock, pop and soul.

 As music buyers and collectors ourselves, we understand the mindset and interests of collectors and other music lovers. Like them, we appreciate the creativity of the graphic artists and photographers who designed the album art and rich, informative packaging that characterized this golden era of music.

Our goal is to identify long-cherished albums by both well-known and under-appreciated artists and make their legendary recordings sound and feel brand new again. We do this by remastering the audio in hi-definition and re-creating the visual and physical elements of these albums in miniature, sparing no expense and not cutting any corners. So the feeling for the fan who once owned the LP record is to rediscover and re-experience the fresh excitement of when the album was first purchased. For others, who discover Culture Factory artists for the first time, the music sounds crisp and the packages are distinctively authentic and well-constructed, giving them a full sense of setting from which the music emerged. For any listener, Culture Factory vinyl replicas are a unique way to experience and share a musical heritage in depth, enhanced by the original words and images that help convey the artists’ ideas and feelings.

Culture Factory wants to bring back all your most cherished musical memories with an uncompromising focus on recreating the look and feel of the original album covers, paired with the convenience and sound quality of the compact disc format.

For us the point is not to drive high volume sales, but rather to achieve high quality and a rich evocation of the era when your music was more than just a style statement, it shaped your way of life.

We at Culture Factory wish sincerely that our customers enjoy experiencing our deluxe vinyl replica compact discs, as much as we enjoy creating them.